About ME

It took me a long time to discover photography. As a young person, I considered myself an ‘artist’. Art was my escape. I would spend hours with a sketch pad and a pencil. I would draw Marvel/DC comic sketches, surrealist inventions or still life. It didn’t matter, I just liked to draw. But it dawned on me that although I loved the process of producing an image from a blank piece of paper I hadn’t really developed my own expression. Then I got a camera! A second hand Yashica FX3 in 1980. A whole new world opened up to me.

It just felt so natural because I had started a career in Advertising. A gradual blurring of career and hobby has informed my approach to photography. In Advertising we constantly strive to avoid the cliche; the obvious that everyone has seen before and says nothing. We strive to stand out from the crowd and engage our target audience. Now as I embark on a second career as a full-time photographer, I want to bring a fusion of this experience to all my projects. Whether a classically constructed wedding album, edgy portrait or candid street scene, I bring the production standard of a top advertising agency to everything I do.

So if you are looking for something a little different, produced with a passion for creativity and quality, please get in touch.